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This is a range of Charlotte’s fact sheets on various nutrition and health topics.  You can simply click on the title to download the fact sheet.  We hope you find them useful!

Charlotte Debeugny, is the author of 9 books on nutrition and health which have been published by Marabout.

Le regime 5/2 a la francaise

Comment j’ai décroché du sucre

Comment j’ai adopté le regime gras

Comment j’ai décroché du gluten

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Charlotte Debeugny is a prolific author!  More potential books are on their way!

Charlotte has appeared extensively in the press and has worked on television productions for M6, France 2, MCS Santé and France 4.
Charlotte Debeugny – On n’est plus des pigeons, France 4.

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Charlotte’s healthy eating plate is a useful guide to portion sizes:

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Charlotte's healthy eating plate