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Charlotte Debeugny, is the author of 7 books on nutrition and health which have been published by Marabout.

Le regime 5/2 a la francaise

Le regime 5/2 a la francaise

Charlotte is the author of ‘Le regime 5/2 a la francaise’ which was co-written with Delphine de Montalier contains recipes and practical guidelines for following an intermittent fasting approach.

This is a diet which not only helps you to manage your weight but also to improve your health as there are increasing studies to demonstrate the health benefits of fasting on cellular regeneration (don’t panic at this technical term, it basically means that your cells get healthier!).

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Comment j’ai décroché du sucre

Comment j’ai décroché du sucre‘Comment j’ai décroché du sucre’ is a detailed and humourous guide to reducing your intake of added sugar and is also going to be published in German later this year.


Comment j’ai adopté le regime gras

Comment j’ai adopté le regime gras

‘Comment j’ai adopté le regime gras’ is an ode to ‘good fats’ and why they are so necessary for our health. It also examines the Ketogenic diet which is based on a food intake of at least 70% fat!

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Comment j’ai décroché du glutenComment j’ai décroché du gluten

‘Comment j’ai décroché du gluten’ is a realistic guide to distinguishing between celiac disease, wheat allergies and gluten sensitivity.

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Comment j’ai décroché de la viande 

The latest addition ‘Comment j’ai décroché de la viande’ is full of advice and tips to help vegetarians and vegans eat a balanced and nutritious diet.  It also takes a sobering look at the ethical and environmental impact of meat production and suggests realistic and simple ways to reduce the consumption of meat.


Charlotte Debeugny is a prolific author!  Two further books have been published in 2017 and more potential books are on their way!

Je mange du bon gras et ca me fait du bien
Comment j’ai dit adieu au mal de ventre

Charlotte has appeared extensively in the press and has worked on television productions for M6, France 2, MCS Santé and France 4.
Charlotte Debeugny – On n’est plus des pigeons, France 4.

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This is range of Charlotte’s fact sheets on various nutrition and health topics.  You can simply double click on the title to download the fact sheet.  We hope you find them useful!

Charlotte’s healthy eating plate is a useful guide to portion sizes:

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Charlotte's healthy eating plate

Charlotte’s guide to managing emotional eating is very popular as it contains lots of tips and advice for reducing emotional eating.