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‘Boost’ – Recipes to help you glow!

‘Boost’ – Recipes to help you glow!


To celebrate our health in 2018, I’ve put together a booklet of colourful, delicious and seasonal recipes as well as suggestions for videos and pod casts to keep you smiling and feeling on form.

You my lovely followers, do not need to ‘detox’, ‘get clean’ or ‘eliminate’.  You are perfect exactly the way you are!  The key words for 2018 are strength, resilience and authenticity!

“Boost”  A  five day menu plan with delicious, healthy and easy meals by Charlotte Debeugny 

A daily video or short pod cast to make you smile, laugh and/or feel inspired

A daily challenge– a 30 minute walk (even if it is snowing or raining – no excuses! )

Programme Boost - eng

I hope you enjoy it!  Click here to download the pdf

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