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Do you associate healthy food with being ‘good’?

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A gentle reminder that food is not generally good or bad, it’s the quantities and amounts we eat of particular foods which can cause health issues.

The good news is that nutritious meals can be delicious and tasty. Every month I post healthy and tasty recipes. Please do try them and let me know what you think!

Healthy winter recipes

‘Boost’ – Recipes to help you glow!

- To celebrate our health in 2018, I’ve put together a booklet of colourful, delicious and seasonal recipes as well as suggestions for videos and pod casts to keep you smiling and feeling on form. You my lovely followers, do not need to ‘detox’, ‘get clean’ or ‘eliminate’.  You are perfect exactly the way you are!  The key words for 2018 are strength, resilience and authenticity! “Boost”  A  five day menu plan with delicious, healthy and easy meals by Charlotte Debeugny  A daily video or short pod cast to make you smile, laugh and/or feel inspired A daily challenge– a 30 minute walk (even if it is snowing or raining – no excuses! ) I hope you enjoy it!  Click here to download the pdf
food for mental health

Mood Food for mental health!

- Can food support mental health?  The answer is yes!  Balanced meals with a low glycaemic index can help to stablise our blood glucose levels which is turn helps to keep our energy levels stable.  Nothing is worse than feeling tired and hungry, and this certainly can have an impact on our mood.  A varied and healthy diet will equally help to provide all the macro and micro nutrients that our nervous system needs to keep it functioning like a well oiled machine (!) Charlotte’s created a week of menus with a focus on mental health based around 3 daily meals and a small snack at the end of the afternoon.  A week of delicious and colourful food to help you glow from top to toe.  Click here to download the pdf
Nourishing food

Nourish – Recipes to keep you healthy and happy in 2017!

- Nourish or Punish?! January is often an extreme month when it comes to food.  I suggest gently that you focus on nourishing yourself rather than torturing yourself.  Instead of lettuce leaves and cabbage juice, select warm, colourful and delicious ‘soul foods’. Studies show sadly that most of us ‘fail’ our New Year’s resolutions within a couple of weeks.  There are some interesting studies on behaviour change which indicate that successful goal setting is all about changing habits.  Other steps which we need to consider in order to be successful?  Phrase your goal in a positive way, using words such as ‘replace’ or ‘add’ rather than ‘avoid’ or ‘limit’.  Think about the barriers which might stop you achieving your goal in advance and come up with solutions to overcoming these barriers.  Then, make your goal become a habit, by doing it again and again and again. Life style changes are less linked to willpower and motivation, as these are emotions which tend to ‘come and go’.  However, you certainly need a bit of motivation in the first instance to want to make these positive changes. So, with a drum roll, I’ve created a week’s worth of nourishing menus for you. These menus […]

Korean style peanut butter noodles with kale

- I love Korean food and I love peanut butter.  Kale also gets the thumbs up as long as it is cooked and not raw, stringy and tough (dramatic shudder!)  This recipe is perfect for a quick lunch or a lazy supper.  It’s also perfect for brunch, especially after a big night out as the heat really hits the spot. Gochujang is a Korean fermented chilli paste and can be found online or in Asian supermarkets.  This recipe is adapted from Felicity Cloake’s wonderful book ‘ The A-Z of Eating’ (Eds. Penguin Fig Tree). Serves 1 60g soba noodles 4 kale leaves, finely shredded 1 spring onion, finely sliced Handful of chopped coriander Handful of peanuts, lightly crushed handful of bean sprouts of your choice, rinsed (optional) For the sauce: 1 tbsp peanut butter 1 tbsp gochujang 1 tsp soya sauce drizzle of honey Method: Cook the noodles according to the packet instructions in simmering water, about 4-6 minutes Prepare the sauce by mixing all the ingredients together and add 2-3 tbsp of the cooking water from the noodles, to give the sauce a pouring consistency. Add the chopped kale to the noodles 2 minutes before the end of the cooking […]

The 100 (healthy salad!)

- Tis the salad season and the opportunity to easily get our 5 portions of vegetables a day.  This salad is colourful, fresh, delicious and fun.  I hope you enjoy it! The 100 (healthy salad!) Makes 2 portions: 100 g quinoa 100 g fennel 100 g cherry tomatoes 100 g courgettes 100 g frozen peas, thawed 100 g cooked prawns 50 g spring onions and 50 g chopped mixed nuts or seeds 100g bean sprouts or any sprouted grain Dressing:  juice of 1 lime, 1 tbsp. olive oil, 1 drizzle of agave syrup or honey Handful of chopped fresh herbs – parsley, chives and mint Preparation: Rinse and cook the quinoa (Top tip:  Place rinsed quinoa in a saucepan and cover with about 3 times its volume of stock or water. Bring to boil, lower heat, cover and cook for 8 minutes.  Remove from heat and let it sit for a further 2 minutes before draining it.  This method gives perfectly cooked quinoa every time!)Place the cooked quinoa in a salad bowl with the peas.  Finely slice the fennel and courgettes.  Slice the spring onions and the tomatoes.  Add all the vegetables to the salad bowl together with the prawns, the […]
Charlotte Debeugny - Charlotte's recipes - Raw Fig Energy Bars

Raw Fig Energy Bars

- Why do we love figs?  So many reasons !  They are surprisingly high in calcium and just a little sexy!  These bars are really easy to make and a perfect mid-afternoon pick me up or a post sport snack.   You can replace the figs with other dried fruit and use other nuts.  250 g dried figs (the soft ones or else soak in water for 30 minutes 150 g almonds 50 g pistachios (wihout their shells and no added salt) 50 g oats Zest and juice of 1/2 orange 1 tsp of cinnamon. Blend the almonds and the pistachios until you have large ‘crumbs’.  Add the rest of the ingredients and blend again until you have a ‘paste with chunky bits’.  Using your hands, shape into 12 balls and place in the fridge.  They will keep for a week.