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Light as a feather rainbow couscous salad

Light as a feather rainbow couscous salad


I am a huge fan of all vegetables, but have always had a soft spot for cauliflower which is such a versatile vegetable!

Mashed with pesto and cream cheese – perfect with grilled fish! Coated with a cheese sauce for the ultimate comfort dish on a cold evening.  My children love it roasted with a generous drizzle of olive oil.  An easy way to get them eating their 5 a day!

Cauliflower is high in fibre and vitamin C.  It is  also cheap and readily available (my definition of a true superfood!).

This is a lovely light cauliflower salad, which can be bulked up with feta cheese, chickpeas, fish, meat to make a main course.  If you have hungry hordes at mealtimes and need something more substantial, add in some cereal couscous.

For 1 portion:

  • Handful of cauliflower florets
  • Handful of pomegranate seeds
  • Handful of shelled pistachio nuts
  • Chopped cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tsp of chopped preserved lemon
  • Fresh chopped herbs – parsley, mint and basil
  • Drizzle of lemon juice
  • Drizzle of olive or argan oil

Blend the cauliflower florets in a blender until you have a consistency similar to fine rice.  Place in a bowl and scatter over the other ingredients.  Season generously with salt and pepper.  Add additional lemon juice and oil to suit your taste.

Note:  No preserved lemon to hand?!  It does add some flavour and depth and is easy to make yourself.

Quick preserved lemon recipe

You need 1 lemon.  Slice half of it into thin slices and place in saucepan.  Drizzle over the juice of the rest of the lemon, add 1 tsp of salt and 2 tablespoons of water.  Bring to the boil and then leave to simmer gently for 10 minutes.  Let the lemon cool in its soaking liquid and either use immediately or store in the fridge.






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