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Nourish – Recipes to keep you healthy and happy in 2017!

Nourish – Recipes to keep you healthy and happy in 2017!


Nourish or Punish?! January is often an extreme month when it comes to food.  I suggest gently that you focus on nourishing yourself rather than torturing yourself.  Instead of lettuce leaves and cabbage juice, select warm, colourful and delicious ‘soul foods’.

Studies show sadly that most of us ‘fail’ our New Year’s resolutions within a couple of weeks.  There are some interesting studies on behaviour change which indicate that successful goal setting is all about changing habits.  Other steps which we need to consider in order to be successful?  Phrase your goal in a positive way, using words such as ‘replace’ or ‘add’ rather than ‘avoid’ or ‘limit’.  Think about the barriers which might stop you achieving your goal in advance and come up with solutions to overcoming these barriers.  Then, make your goal become a habit, by doing it again and again and again. Life style changes are less linked to willpower and motivation, as these are emotions which tend to ‘come and go’.  However, you certainly need a bit of motivation in the first instance to want to make these positive changes.

So, with a drum roll, I’ve created a week’s worth of nourishing menus for you. These menus are bursting with whole grains, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins in the form of beans, lentils, fish and chicken.   These menus are very roughly based around 1500 calories.  So, sufficient to nourish you while also supporting you with gentle weight loss.  If you don’t want to lose weight and/or need to feed hungry cavemen or starving hordes (!), please do increase the quantities.  You can also add additional whole grains to the evening meals.  Feel free to experiment with the recipes and adapt them to suit your tastes.  Repeat after me.  Healthy eating can and should be varied, delicious and fun!

I hope you enjoy them!    For a downloadable pdf, Click Here

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