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Food oh Glorious Food – The Registered Nutritionist in Paris!

‘Eating is one of life’s pleasures and it is possible to eat healthy foo‘Eating is one of life’s pleasures and it is possible to eat healthy food which tastes delicious. Combining the best of British and French approaches to nutrition – using natural, fresh and seasonal ingredients with an imaginative and creative twist means that you can enjoy balanced meals which help to enhance your health and vitality’.

Charlotte Debeugny is an experienced British Registered Nutritionist and author practicing in Paris and the Western Suburbs. She is passionate about food, cooking and promoting the importance of diet in influencing health and well-being. With a science based background, Charlotte’s unique approach adapts the current nutrition research to help you optimise your health and improve your diet.

‘The best ‘diet’ is the one which works for you!’.

Charlotte provides tailored dietary and nutrition advice to support clients with health concerns such as weight loss, digestive disorders and cardiovascular disease. She can also advise on optimal nutrition for different life stages such as adolescence, pregnancy, breast-feeing and the menopause.

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